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Aug 9, 2012

Home Improvement

I must preface by proclaiming that my husband is an amazing man.  A-MAZ-ING.  In so many ways.

His latest feat of amazement is his mad carpentry skills during his installation of our long-coveted and long-awaited hardwood floors.  He started two weeks ago with demo: pulling up carpet, terribly ugly white linoleum, padding, baseboards, laminate subfloor, about 13,000 staples and nails.  That alone was backbreaking work. 

Than came the big job.  Rich worked tirelessly Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday to get the downstairs done.  Thankfully my brother-in-law, Matt, came over to assist for awhile on Friday night and all day Sunday.  Having his extra set of hands and his mad carpentry skills was a huge help. 

A grueling 4 days later, the downstairs is finished and looks like something from a magazine.  Perfect.  Perfect.  Perfect.  Thanks Rich and Matt for being so awesome!

The floor is stranded carbonized bamboo with recycled rubber tire padding underneath, about as environmentally friendly as you can get.  And while I wouldn't consider us to be environmentalists, it makes us feel good that this floor is not only beautiful and durable, but sustainable and responsible. 

So without further ado, before and afters.

The house is put back together now, clean and beautiful, but I don't have photos of that yet.  We're waiting on the stair treads to come in before Rich can start on the steps and upstairs hallway.  So more photos to come. 

Never a dull moment at the Cole house.   

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