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Apr 10, 2012

Lazy Days

A couple of weeks ago it rained nearly every day, so we were stuck inside, which can be trying for everyone. But the kids played together so well (most of the time), as evidenced by these cute photos.

Sam (and Miles and Woody and Lena's baby) all taking a little floor nap one afternoon.

I was in the kitchen making lunch and heard the kids giggling in the living room. I found them both in the little nook behind the couch, laying on pillows, covered up with blankets and Lena was "reading" Sam a story. I love when they do stuff like that together all on their own.

This was a couch cushion castle that Sam and I built. Princess Lena was locked in the castle and Miles was a dragon on the roof trying to get her. Luckily, Prince Sammie saved the day (though I didn't catch that part on film).

Side note: the pacifier you see in Lena's mouth in these last two shots is 100% gone now!

Hallelujah! Amen!

Last weekend we told her the Easter bunny had to give all her googoos (our word for pacifiers) to new little babies and, after a 20 minute marathon tantrum, she's done remarkably well. Remarkably. Her mood has even improved...I think those googoos were bringing her down. It made me a little sad because it means she's not a baby anymore. But I'm so proud of how she's handled it. She's such a tough little girl!

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