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Apr 10, 2012

Happy Easter!

What a lovely Easter weekend!

Since Dad just had his knee replaced (and is doing GREAT!), we stayed home for Easter this year to give him and Mom some down time to recover. It felt strange not being together with them and they were missed, but it was necessary this that next Easter, Dad can run the bases while playing baseball with the kids! Yeah for new knees!

Church on Easter Sunday was packed for every service and was exciting and worshipful and beautiful. Easter runs a very close second to Christmas as my favorite holiday. But it is definitely my favorite church celebration. It's just so full of hope and joy and color and life and meaning and humility.

After church Lori, Matt and the boys came over to our house and we grilled our rolled roast and had an egg hunt, as per family tradition. The kids and, let's be real, us adults all got nice and sugared up and, after a wonderful visit with the Wingers, we all crashed and took naps. I guess that was Rich and my gift from the Easter bunny.

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