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Feb 25, 2011


Seems this week's hot topic of conversation has been about poop. At work. At home. On the news.

So it seems fitting that my night end with a big pile of it.

Lena has awful diaper rash and, when she started tugging on her diaper tonight, I knew it was hurting her. So I took off her diaper to let her nether regions air out a little.

About 2.2 seconds later, upon exiting the bathroom from helping Sam pee, I nearly stepped in a nice warm, wet pile of poop. Lena's poop. Yuck.

Reminded me of when the dogs were alive.

My wise sister-in-law, Terry, reminded me earlier this week that one day I'll miss all of these messes. So I was trying to remember that as I cleaned up this particular mess.

Thanks, Lena, for the mess.

Thanks, Terry, for the message.

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