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Jun 13, 2010

Sunny Day at the Pool

The Wingers invited us to go swimming at the Gahanna Pool on Thursday. We had such a good time.

Sam wore his swim shirt with the built-in life vest, which worked great. He was all smiles in the water, playing and running all around the shallow end. He cried when rest periods were whistled, until we gave him some popcorn to chomp on. Lori and I took him into the deeper water a couple of times, where he never let his death grip on our shoulders drop. He was a good boy and zonked out hard on the way home.

Lena has been comfortable in water since she was born, and Thursday was no different. She splashed and laughed and even fell asleep in the water on Lori's lap, the waves lulling her. I tried to lay her down after that, but she woke up with her hat over her eyes after only a few minutes. I guess the hard ground is no match for Aunt Lori's warm lap.

I happened to catch the moment at the end of the video below, which begins with Grant making Sam laugh.

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