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Jun 13, 2010

A Family of Women

My mother has three sisters and they all have daughters, seven of us girls. We have two boy cousins, but this event was girls only. It was my cousin, Lisa's, wedding shower and it was a lovely day. My sister made the most gorgeous cupcakes and my aunts and cousins put on a fun party at my Aunt Sandy's beautiful country home.
It was a hot was a special afternoon. It is a rare occasion that the Kraft women get together, just us women, laughing and sharing and loving each other. The hustle and bustle of life and kids and work and everything else gets in the way far too often. A family of women like ours, matriarched by my grandma, is precious. I tried as much as I could to soak in the moments and appreciate the time with them. It was indeed a special afternoon.

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