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Jun 29, 2010

Sleep? What's Sleep?

We had a crazy, fun, sleepless weekend.

Saturday was Lisa's wedding, which was lovely and touching and fun. Other than my sister, I have never seen such a beautiful bride. Lisa stepped right off the pages of a magazine. It was a wonderful celebration of the life Lisa and Erik will continue to build with each other and their son, Ethan.

We left the reception earlier than I wanted to drive up to Chardon for Rich's annual family reunion the next day. We arrived at Rich's parents' house just before 11:00pm. We had changed the kids into their jammies before we left the reception, and Sam and Lena slept all the way to Chardon. Sam went right back to sleep after we transitioned him from the car to the house.

Lena, on the other hand, woke up and was ready to play. I finally got her back to sleep around 2:30 am, but she was re-awakened several times by some traffic noise. She woke for the final time at 6:50 am and we were up for the day. Blarg.

Then it was time for the family reunion. It is always nice to see everyone, and we got to visit with lots of family we only see once or twice a year. There were lots of kids there this year, which was fun. They splashed in the baby pool, slid down the slip and slide and, Sam's favorite, jumped on the trampoline.

But it was hot. HOT hot. Sam's face was purple most of the day and I was sweating while I sat. Yuck. Lena was surprisingly well behaved for operating on no sleep, but soon the blazing afternoon started sapping our energy and Sam had a meltdown and I felt one of my own coming on. It was just so hot. And I was exhausted, as was Sam, who skipped his nap. So we had to leave earlier than we wanted, bathed the kids at Rich's parents, fed them dinner, and got on the road bound for home. Lena was out like a light all the way home, but Sam was wired and didn't crap out until we got into Gahanna.

Thankfully we all slept like the dead that night and were somewhat rejuvenated for Monday.

That was the weekend. Lots of car time and family time and good food and laughs, and only a few blowups and meltdowns. Well worth a sleepless night!

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