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Aug 11, 2014

Life Lately

Rich and his beautiful built-ins.  He.  Is.  Amazing.
Here are some progress photos...

And the finished product. The middle is being reserved for a large flat screen, but it will take a while to save up for that:)  We plan to put one of Rich's pallet creations up there in the meantime so it doesn't look so bare, but even bare it's still so lovely.  And it's incredible how much taller and wider the whole thing makes the room seem.  Love it.  Love Rich.  Love his mad skills.

Night out with my girls.

A peaceful day at home...

Our last days volunteering with Westerville Area Resource Ministry (WARM).

Quick road trip down to see my Jen.  Here we are at the very surreal and very cool Buddhist monastery nestled in the middle of nowhere in the tiny South Carolina town where Jen lives.  

Ever dutiful, Jen had to work one day I was there due to the crazy amount of rain that had fallen.  Stormwater and erosion inspections rest for no man.

Why is it so difficult to decorate a hutch with anything other than plates (not my style) or books (my style, but they've been relocated to our amazing new built-ins)'s my first attempt (of what I assume will be many).

Daddy dance party!

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