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Jul 21, 2014

Mom vs. The Laundry: An Imaginary Appliance Revolt

This has been a familiar scene at my house over the past week or so. 

That's me...surrounded by piles of housework...paying no attention to it. 

Only I haven't been sucked into a soap opera on TV.  I've been absorbed in a book.  The Giver series has given my mind a much appreciated respite from household chores (though not from my kids...I always choose them over a book...well, 85% of the time anyway).  I've been lost in the pages of The Giver series' beautiful and tragic dystopia and didn't want to pull myself out of it, especially for chores. 


I love this series.  I love reading.  I love books.  And I hate laundry.

Anyway, since my loving and gifted husband has been busy constructing our built-ins in the living room (progress photos are coming) and the kids have been busy, well, being kids; a few things have gone unattended in the Cole household lately.  Namely the laundry.

Ugh.  The mountain of laundry. 

So I declared yesterday to be Laundry Day. 

Our washer and dryer laundered a lot of dirty clothes in one day.  Nine loads to be exact. 

That's A LOT of laundry.

I fear their retribution as they finish the last two loads for me tonight... 

They'll look normal as I approach.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Just two metal machines sitting in our basement.  But their presence will take on a quiet menace as I approach.  Then, BAM, the washer will attack, its hoses lashing and spitting and flailing, challenging me, daring me to shove one more dirty shirt or stinky sock into it. 

But I will fight it.  And I will prevail! 

Because I am Mom.  And even though I may go on chore hiatus for a week, my appliances don't.  I mean just think if I gave into the washer's protests.  How long before the news would travel to the other appliances?  How long before they would all rise up against me?  It would be anarchy.

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