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Jul 16, 2014

Photo Dump

Rich and I were talking last night about the fun things we've done with the kids this summer.  Lots of little excursions here and there, though an actual vacation has not been one of them.  But if having (and loving) our new house means no vacation this year, then that's okay with me! 

We also talked about how beautiful our kids are...seriously.  They couldn't be any cuter if they were trying. 

I went through my photos reminiscing about the good summer times we've enjoyed and realized how few I've shared.  So here is a little catching up photo dump.  Enjoy.

Lena's little gang of preschool buddies at Inniswood one very hot afternoon.  She was so happy to see them all!

My company's annual King's Island day!  Rich and I agreed that this was our family's best year there.  The kids are getting bigger and can enjoy more of the rides.  The weather turned out to be perfect: overcast with tiny rain showers here and there, which made the lines short and the crowds small, and it never rained hard enough to shut anything down much longer than 10 minutes.  It was a great day!

 Accidental head injuries trying to get our last brother/sister photo...

Which was quickly remedied by a couple of spontaneous hugs and giggles. 

Rich's annual family reunion. Hot but beautiful day at a lovely's always good catching up with the extended fam. 

Visiting great grandma.  It was a quick visit, but it's always nice to see how little she changes from visit to visit.  Other than a few mostly minor physical issues, which are to be expected because the woman is in her 90's, Grandma is happy and healthy. 

Early morning walk with Lily girl.  Lori's family had to head out for their vacation early one morning, so we kept Lily overnight and then took her to Mom and Dad's with us, where she had herself a little vacation.  She's the best dog ever.

The 4th of July at Mom and Dad's.  We had a nice, relaxed visit and the kids honed their swing pumping skills! 

Rich set off some smoke bombs, which in turn filled the whole neighborhood with blue and white smoke.  Oops. :)

We snuck to my old high school right before the fireworks started and enjoyed them on a blanket with Mom.  The kids were pooped, but I'm so glad we got to see it together.  It was a great show!

My mad artistry skills, as requested by the children.

Impromptu soup lunch at Panera, followed by a visit to our favorite store: Half Price Books, where we all scored awesome finds!

Hanging with friends at our weekly free lunch volunteer location.  Couldn't get the kids out of the tree that day. 

Hiking with Lori and the boys yesterday.  It was just too beautiful not to be outside, so it was a perfect day for an impromptu invite from my big sister! 

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