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Aug 18, 2014

The Thirty Second Blessing

At church yesterday Pastor Amy preached about the dreams we have for our kids...and the worries and powerlessness we can sometimes (always) feel as parents sending them out into the world. 


It was a very timely message since my Sam is now in school every day all day.  And my little Lena is starting her second year of preschool very soon.  I'm a neurotic worried emotional mess. 

They're happy as little clams, excited about their new adventures and showing no signs of anxiety or apprehension.  Which thrills me.  So I keep my worries to myself and, in addition to making sure they know what's expected of them, we cheer them on and make sure they feel our unconditional love and support.

But my worries remain.

Yesterday Pastor Amy offered a genius way to deal with that sense of powerlessness.  She blesses her kids each morning before they leave the house.  In the midst of their crazy morning rush, her family takes 30 seconds to be still and stand together while she puts her hands on their precious little heads and says,

"God bless your heads, your hearts and your hands today.  I love you."

Bam.  That's it.  Who doesn't have 30 seconds?

It centers everyone just for the slightest moment before everyone's days begin.  It helps us parents feel like we're doing something proactive to help our kids by asking God to bless and protect them.  And hopefully our kids become more aware of their thoughts and words and deeds on a daily basis, a gentle reminder that those things matter. 

Of course in the midst of our crazy morning rush, I forgot to bless them today...


But I'm integrating this into our morning routine.  It seems such a simple thing, but as it is with life, sometimes the simplest things matter the most. 

So wise, Pastor Amy.  You should preach more often!

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