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Oct 23, 2013

Wallowing in Picnicy Peace

Earlier this month we enjoyed a lovely picnic in our favorite spot at the Delaware State Park.  There were lots of Kraft family members there, which is always a good time!  The day was perfect...perfect weather, perfect company, perfect food, perfect view. 

I wondered to myself at one point, as I was laying on our blanket looking up through the reddened leaves of the autumn trees into the brilliant blue fall sky, if this is a little taste of what heaven will be like. 

The sounds of loved ones laughing, kids running and playing, leaves hushing against the swell and ebb of the breeze, water lapping against the shoreline.

The smells of a clean blanket under me, my daughter's hair as she rested on my shoulder, dry leaves warming on the grass, my mom's perfume.

The feelings familial love for and from parents and siblings and cousins and aunts, romantic love for and from my husband, the adoring consuming love for and from my children, the overwhelming love for and from God as the sun fell on my face and warmed my skin and my soul that lies just beneath.

The peace that passes understanding. 

That's what I felt on this day.  The uninhibited and all too infrequent stillness of mind that so completely lets in all of this beauty and gratitude and love and appreciation and joy until my heart feels so full and warm and swollen that I fear it might burst at its seams. 

I thank God for every day, but especially for this day when I was so aware of him and his goodness and creativity and humor and zest. I feel so loved by my Father in these moments and what child doesn't want to wallow around in the warm sunshine of their daddy's adoration? 

So on this perfect day, I wallowed in his picnicy peace. 

Thanks for that, God. 

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