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Nov 1, 2013

Happy Halloween?

Well, it was for one of us. 
Lena has been pretty sick for six days now.  Our pediatrician diagnosed it yesterday as just a bad cold virus that needs to run its course. 
She's had on and off fevers, constant runny nose, coughing fits that have burst blood vessels in her eyes, a bloody nose last's the sickest my poor girl has ever been.  She's missed school all week, including her very first Halloween party.  I hated that for her so much.  She would have loved dressing up with all her friends. 
Boo on viruses.
Sam seems fine so far, knock wood. He's been a little whiny, but I'm attributing that to lack of sleep (Lena's coughing and me medicating her through the night have been waking him, I think). 
Anywho, here are our two cuties from a couple of weeks ago, the night we got their costumes.  So happy and healthy.  :)

Despite Lena's cough and low fever, we braved the rain and snuck into Sam's school parade yesterday (thanks for convincing me to do that, Lori).  I couldn't bare the thought of him seeing all the other parents there and looking around for me and my not being there.  So virus be damned.  We went anyway.  I think he was happy to see us!

That's his best pal, Avery, in front of him dressed as Dorothy.  She likes to pick Sam up and carry him around, which she can do easily since she's about a head and a half taller than my boy. :)

Sam was all geared up to trick or treat in our new neighborhood, despite the rain and wind.  The black knight fears nothing...

But he does get annoyed when his umbrella falls out of his hand.  Too funny....
He didn't stay out long, which is good because poor Rich had to take Sam out and Rich isn't feeling too great himself. 
I had to stay at home with Lena, who nearly missed the entire evening.  She passed out as soon as we left Sam's school parade and slept through me coating her up, getting her in and out of the car, carrying her through the rain to pick up Sam after school, through Rich coming home from work, dinner and Sam getting garbed in his Batman gear.
That girl was out cold.

We thought she might just sleep through the night, but she eventually woke and helped me pass out candy, looking pretty and pitiful at poor baby girl.   

She did have a for real Snow White moment while sitting on the porch, though, which cheered her up for a moment.  I ran inside to get her a muffin and, when I approached the door, I saw her still sitting there in her chair wrapped in her blanket...and a squirrel sitting on the porch about a foot away from Lena.  The squirrel was looking at her, she at the squirrel.  I had to laugh as I imagined her in a forest surrounded by woodland animals singing "With a smile and a song, life is just a bright sunny day, your cares fade away, and your heart is young..."
Lori's trick or treat was postponed to Saturday, so maybe we'll have a more inclusive, enjoyable family trick or treat night with them then, God willing!
Happy Halloween!

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