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Oct 7, 2013

Life Lately

We are unpacked and settled and in love with our new home and our neighborhood! 
Nearly all of our pictures, shelves and decorations are hung, furniture is placed, many meals have been cooked and enjoyed, the lawn has been tended beautifully, rooms have been cleaned, floors have been vacuumed, there are no more boxes (except on shelves in the basement and garage, where boxes should be).  We even put some of our Halloween decorations out yesterday. 
Our new place feels like home. 
It's not perfect yet.  We're still trying to figure out what to do with a couple of rooms, how to arrange things, designating play areas, budgeting which project Rich should begin first.  And we still want some corner tables and plant stands and porch furniture and stuff for our walls, and about 50 other things.  But we don't need for any little thing.  It's already comfortable and homey and warm and welcoming and happy, just like a home should be. 
Here are the kids playing out front.  It's a no-outlet street filled with kids of all ages, so Sam and Lena already have some friends who like to play and ride bikes.  And our neighbors are the most welcoming bunch.  Truly.  We are already feeling that sense of community that we were missing so much at our first home. 

We have a mailbox on our front porch!  Not sure why this excites me so, but it does. 

Fall wreath on our door, which we get to hang on the outside since we have a covered front porch now.  Yippee!

Entry way with stairway and brick/ceramic floor.

Our cozy family room in the back of the house.  The door and windows open up to the screened porch.  And the fireplace is wood burning...can't wait to light that puppy up soon!

Our living room, which Rich intends to make into a library sometime soon with built-in bookshelves and cabinets along two walls.  For now, it's another living area and kind of a play area for the kids.


Our dining room, which opens fully into our kitchen and also into our living room. Been spending a ton of time in here. 
Our kitchen, which I love.  I'm even getting used to cooking on an electric stove...still need some practice, though.
Perfect kitchen window over my sink...this weekend I watched through this window my kids playing, my husband raking leaves, and squirrels and chipmunks busy forging for acorns in our backyard.

Our little homework/desk area on the side of the kitchen.

The upstairs is all done too.  But I haven't gotten any photos if it yet.  Or the basement.  More to come...

Sam had his first walk-a-thon at school last week!  He did such a great job and had so much fun.  I ended up being able to stay for the whole thing, which was a nice treat.  So proud of him! 


With Lena in preschool two days a week and Sam only in half-day kindergarten, he and I get to spend some alone time together, which has been awesome.  His favorite place to go so far is the park.  Here he wanted it to look like he was holding the matchstick on the page in his silly. 

He also picked me flowers. 

Us in my car, which is where we've been spending an inordinate amount of time lately.  Lena's always ready for her closeup. :)  My sweet girl. 

So that's been our life lately, give or take.  Hope yours has been as full and happy!

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