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Mar 9, 2013


Like the corners of my mind...

I was thinking about this the other day and dug through some old photos so I could share. 

Flash back with me for a moment, if you will, to January 2010.  Lena was several months old and Sam had just turned 2.  I took them for a trip to the grocery store, Lena in her carseat in the front of the shopping cart and Sam in the back of the cart...standing up.  I know, I know.  I blame it on an I-still-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-mothering-these-children lapse in judgement.

Anyway, I had just grabbed my desired item from the shelf, threw it in the cart, and started to push the cart around the corner.  But I forgot to tell Sam to sit down.  And he promptly fell out of the cart onto the cold hard floor.  Head first.

It made the most HORRIBLE sound.  I'll never forget that sound.

Everything swelled outward and he recovered quickly.  But not before we snapped a few shots - evidence that I will never win the mother of the year award.  And further evidence that, even with a black eye, this boy is still too darn cute.


Then there's this sweet tiny thing.  While I was trying to find Sam's blackeyed pictures, I stumbled upon these of Lena and had to include them.  Especially after I saw my cousin's 4 month old baby, Emmy, today.  That sweet girl brought back all sorts of precious baby memories of my sweet girl. 

It makes my heart hurt thinking of all those slobbery gummy kisses baby Lena used to plant on my cheeks, when she'd just lean in with her mouth open and basically chew on my cheek for a second. 

Oh, how these babies have changed me...


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