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Mar 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Lori, Lena and I went to Delaware on Saturday to visit with Grandma and party down with some family at my cousin, Julie's, Thirty-One show.  We had so much fun...I love my family!  I've got to get up there more often.

It makes me happy to share days like that with Lena, exposing her to all the amazing women in my family who have such incredible humor and wisdom and love and strength.  I want her to grow up feeling that bond like I did (and still do), because it's such an important part of who we are as women and as members of this family, in particular. 

At Grandma's place, we enjoyed a mini party for Mom's birthday, which is today.  Lori baked a delicious cake and we sang and laughed and talked.  Days like that fill me so full. 

So, a BIG shoutout to Mom on her birthday.  Thank you for cherishing your family and for letting Lori and I experience the unbreakable bond of this family of women.  It is something I hold very dear and hope to instill in Lena. 

Love you!  Happy birthday!

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