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Mar 2, 2013


I have taken a ton of pictures over the past two months, but just haven't found the time to add them to the blog. 

As I write that, I think of my sister, who has three boys who are each in school and sports and church activities and boy scouts.  Plus she teaches preschool and bakes cookies and cooks great meals and volunteers in her kids' classes for parties and holidays and helps with homework and makes curtains and pillow covers and gifts for others...and worries if she's doing enough.  Yet she always finds time to blog.  She's a hard act to follow. 

Can I get an AMEN! 

Much more than that, though, she's a great inspiration to me and encourages me when Sam's temper gets out of control or when Lena's whininess takes us all to the brink.  She's honest and tells me that her kids did similar things and not to think the worst...quite yet.  And she shows me simply by the way she lives her life that a woman can find the time/make the time to do and be all these things for her family and for herself.

Best sister.  Ever. 

Anywho, the rest of the blog will be pictorial in nature, as I post random shots from the past two months.  I call it "Backlog".  Enjoy.




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