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Jul 24, 2011

New Obsession

As most of you who know me are aware, I have a tendency to focus on something obsessively and then drop it a few weeks/months/days later.

Writing my book (stalled at 50 pages), knitting and crocheting (I'm always picking that back up from months of no activity), my hair (ever evolving), painting or redecorating a room, an's my least favorite characteristic about myself. I hate that, as a norm, my flame for a new-found passion burns out before I follow it through.

I think a lot of us share this undesirable trait, not that that diminishes my self-loathing about it. It's just nice to know someone out there commiserates.

My latest obsession is my closet and my extensive, meandering wardrobe with seemingly no connective thread to tie together my style. It's a hodgepodge. It's a shirt (or 6) that I picked up here, a skirt I picked up there...not much that is cohesive or worthwhile.

Color, there's lots of color. Beyond that, I'm not sure what my style is. I buy items with no idea of what I'll wear with them, no outfit in my head I'm trying to complete or create. Just random items.

You may have noticed I've added a few new blogs to my "blogs I follow" list. Style blogs. Fashion blogs. Blogs that give me great ideas. Blogs about thrifting and accessorizing and putting together things you already own that you may not have ever thought of before to recreate your style.

Shopping in your own closet.

Looking at what you already own in a different light.

Taking risks, mixing colors, over accessorizing, being retro and girly without apology (like this look by keiko lynn).

I'm pushing myself, wearing things I've never worn together, inspired by those wonderful blogs I'm following. And by my ultra inspiring friends.

Like my friend Molly, a style inspiration. She's simple and understated and beautiful. In fact, a couple weeks ago she wore the cutest short semi-bubble skirt to work, a skirt she's never worn to work because, for some reason, she's self conscious. Gorgeous and fit and awesome, but still self-conscious. But you could tell that once she got over the crap that we all heap on ourselves, she felt good in that skirt. It was her style and her personality and it made her feel good about herself.

That made an impression on me and inspired me. glad she's in my life...

So, after that Molly skirt empowerment moment, I began searching online, discovered, discovered those style blogs, discovered that with a few new accessories, some thrift store trips for hidden gems, and a new take on my giant closet; I could really get into this wardrobe reinvention thing.

That's where I am. Trying on, mixing up, making lists, making Goodwill piles, being honest about my body and what looks good on it (like my bare legs aren't all that awful)'s so much fun.

We'll see how long this lasts. But if I finally get some organization, some good ideas, some real style out of it, even if it fizzles out, it's worth it. It's shallow and won't change the world or anything of the sort, but aren't we all, especially moms, worth some me-time, worth doing something that makes us feel good about us without feeling guilty?

I vote YES!

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