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Jul 12, 2011

Idlewild and Story Book Forest

Last weekend we took the kids to Idlewild and Story Book Forest in PA. We've been there before with Sam when I was VERY pregnant with Lena. We all fell in love with the place and were bound and determined to go again this year.

If you have little ones, seriously, go.

It's a fun, old fashioned yet rocking kid amusement park in the middle of the woods with kitschy little nuances like the gravel parking lot with huge logs for parking bumpers and Story Book Forest, which was the only attraction there when we went as kids, and huge play areas and perfect toddler rides (complete with Mr. Rogers Trolley rides) and fun food vendors and bigger kid coasters and a massive water park that is great for kids of all sizes.

We love the place and the kids had THE BEST time. I've attached a lot of photos, most of which were taken at Story Book Forest, but there will be videos still to come of all the fun rides.

I'm just too tired to do it all tonight.

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