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May 29, 2011

Spring Has Sprung at the Coles

I know it's nearly summer but, with all the rain, we got a late start. Never fear, though. We've caught up.

Window box flowers have been planted.

As well as our very first vegetable garden...

In a perfect raised bed that my AWESOME husband built.

Fresh cut flowers from all around the yard brighten up every corner of the house.

And, just completed this weekend, a brand new pond (which we're now referring to as the grotto), has been added to our patio.When we bought this house, the previous owners/builders had put in a large koi pond there. It was nice, but an absolute nightmare to maintain.


So when we got pregnant with Sam, we decided to fill it in for multiple reasons. It just had grass planted over it from then until this weekend. But last weekend we saw a pre-formed resin pond basin on sale at Menards and thought, hey, the kids might like that. It's much smaller than the old pond, has different levels, the deepest part only comes up to Sam's waist. We could just make a pond with filters and waterfalls, but NO FISH. Kind of like an in-ground baby pool. So here it is. Rich did it all himself...isn't he incredible! It's like I live with Bob Villa or something. I love this man. And the gifts that God has blessed him with.

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