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Dec 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sammy Boy!

We took Sam to his favorite restaurant, the House of Japan, for his birthday this year, joined by Mom and Dad, Lori, Matt and the boys, and the Smocks (plus Patrick). We had two tables and one cook manning them both. He did a great job and we all enjoyed a great meal complete with a flaming grill, yummy food, the spinning egg trick, gifts and two happy birthday songs - one from the staff with a pineapple and one from us with cupcakes.

Of course, I forgot my camera. But my trusty sister got some good shots. The one at the top is Sam posing before our big meal.

At home that morning, we let Sam open his gifts from us, which included some learning workbooks and games and a Handy Manny crane, which he loved so much he did a little dance, captured here:

Lena just liked the Sponge Bob card Daddy picked out.

My baby boy is 3 years old, starting preschool next fall. I cannot believe how quickly these three years have passed. And how full he fills me every day. And how deeply I adore every little bit of him.

Now if we could just get him potty trained...

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