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Nov 22, 2010


While we were at the cabin for GWA, this little gray and white kitten wandered our way with his eyes all goopy and matted and sounded so stuffy he could barely pur and couldn't meow.

He was a hot mess, and I commiserated because I was suffering from a cold myself. He took turns curling up on all of our laps and chests and shoulders, just trying to get some love and some warmth. It was hard not to love the little thing, and I'm generally not a cat person.

Now my friends Jen and Tara are avid animal lovers and they've both had cats in their homes from childhood to present day. They fed and watered the poor little guy, Tara washed the cold from his eyes, and they took care of him as best they could. Everyone wanted someone to take him home...we just hated the thought of this little baby alone and sick in the woods.

I've been suffering from maternal pangs since Lena started walking and becoming more independent and, since Rich and I have decided to stop at two kids, we have been considering a pet for awhile. So when Miles showed up and he was so sweet and cute and desperately needed a home, well, I called Rich and he agreed. So here we are.

The kids LOVE Miles. They both want to hold him and pet him all the time and they both give him kisses on his head, which he loves. And since we spent a small fortune on him at the vet and he's starting to feel better now that the mites and worms and cold are on their ways out, Miles has become a playful, funny, cuddly little guy. And, dare I say, after only a week, I think he's litter box trained? I don't want to jinx it, but he's thankfully doing great with that, too.

The vet said he's about 2 months old and would have probably died in the next few weeks if we wouldn't have taken him in, which makes the whole thing seem a little like divine intervention. We needed him and he needed us.

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