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Nov 2, 2010


We went trick or treating with Lori and the boys last Thursday.

It was COLD and Lena the giraffe wasn't feeling the Halloween spirit. She was tired and has a tooth coming in and was not happy unless she was walking into the street, until, that is, she would fall. She had her big coat on over her costume and couldn't move her arms, so when she would fall, she would fall right on her face. Ouch. No wonder she was miserable.

Sam, however, was really feeling the Halloween spirit this year. He went up to the houses with the boys or Daddy or me and would say "Treat" and "Thank You". He even went up to a couple houses alone. He's getting so big and brave. We borrowed a Thomas the Train engineer costume from Lynn, but one morning he was playing in his closet and found last year's monkey costume and insisted on wearing that. It was a little tight, but still fit over his warm clothes, so he was happy.
All in all a fun night. Thanks, Wingers, for letting us tag along every year!

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