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Aug 11, 2010

Sam the Short Order Cook

Samuel is obsessed with my parents' play kitchen set in their backyard. He's always cooking up some yummy gravel soup and serving us plastic donuts and hamburgers when we're outside at their house. He likes to help us cook at home, so he comes by his love of cooking naturally.

Anyway, Mom found a play kitchen set at a garage sale and brought it over with her on Tuesday when she came over for a visit. It's still in our living room, just because we haven't had the gumption to take it down to the playroom yet. But that's fine for now, because Sam is in heaven! He's frying us up eggs (flipping them just like Daddy does), serving us pizza and fruit.

And Lena is his shadow, following him from sink to fridge to stove, watching and helping (and slobbering all over the plastic egg and strawberries).

THANKS, Mom! The kids are absolutely in LOVE with it!

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