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Aug 22, 2010

Sam Loves Lena So Much That He...

I've nursed both of my babies until they were one year old...Lena's time is up next week! That makes me sad.

Anyway, I've always been a strong proponent of breast feeding for the health benefits to my babies, the cost benefits to our wallets, and the knowledge that I'm giving my babies a food that was tailor-made just for them by God himself. It's kind of spiritual to me in that regard.

And since I'm a pretty open person and feel passionately about breast feeding, I have always felt pretty free to do it where ever I am at the moment, under cover of course. No need to pop out my uncovered boob in the middle of a park or anything. But at home when it's just the fam, they both pop out quite frequently to nurse Lena. And lately, Sam has shown some interest in what exactly is going on there.

Sam: "Momma, wha's dat?" (staring and pointing at my boobs).

Me: "Sam, those are Mommy's boobies."

May I interject here that I realize I'm not giving him the proper name for what he's pointing at but, seriously, who calls their own boobs "breasts"? Just trying to keep it real.

Sam: "Why?"

Me: "That's how Lena gets her milk."

Sam: "Oh. Otay. Momma's boo boos."

Then he goes about his business. Later that day, he's got his shirt off preparing for bath time and he's pointing to his nipples.

Sam: "My boo boos?"

Me: "Yes, those are your boobies."

Sam: "Wena, dink?"

Me: "No, no...Lena can only drink from Mommy's boobies."

Sam: "Why?"

Me: "Because boys' boobies don't make milk."

Sam: "Oh. Otay."

I thought it had sunk in, but then I see him grab Lena and shove her face toward his nipples. I run toward the them and scoop Lena up.

Me: "NO, Sam. You may NOT nurse Lena. Only Mommy can give her a drink."

Did I actually just say that to my son? Geez. I tried to be kind, as he was just concerned that Lena might be thirsty. But I also wanted to be firm because, come's just weird. So we had a little talk about it and we'll see how well it's sunk in this time. He hasn't tried it since, but maybe it's a good thing that Lena's nursing time is almost up.

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