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Aug 22, 2010

New, Old...Favorite Chairs

Right after my Papa died and Nan went to live in Zanesville, we all had the uncomfortable job of going through their things and picking out what we wanted to keep of theirs. Such a strange, but necessary, thing for families to have to do at a time like that.

Anyway,the only thing I knew I wanted was their old...old melamine dishes. I wanted something I would use everyday that reminded me of them. And I have the most vivid memories of meals with my grandparents, most of which were eaten on these plates and in these bowls. We do use them every day...and I do think of Ralph and Martha Barker every day.

In the end, I also ended up getting something else that I have many fond memories of from my grandparents' house - their dining room table and chairs. I can't even count how many meals and coconut covered Easter bunny cakes we ate on it, or how many games of kings in corners we played on it. It's old and seems to be loosening up a bit, but we all love it (and some of us like to play under it).

Recently, to brighten up our kitchen, we painted the chairs a buttery light yellow and recovered the seats with a fun yellow and red fabric. I LOVE them. What do you think?

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