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Mar 25, 2015

The Battle Begins

It's been over two months since I've posted, and I wasn't very diligent before that.

Oh how I loathe you, Winter.  

How you weaken my concentration, dampen my creativity, undermine my motivation...blarg.

This blog is mainly used to chronicle our lives, a family journal of sorts.  My mind is not a tight trap of memories like most people's.  I lose moments the farther I get from them, which sucks and kind of scares me.  So I use this blog as my memory, to capture all the little day to days and the big events, reviving those moments every time I read through.    

Sometimes I use this space to exercise my writing, but since I haven't been doing much but photo dumping, that's been grossly neglected too.

So I apologize to myself, my family and my few loyal followers for withholding the daily excitement of the Cole family's life and for allowing the transitory meanderings of my restless mind to wane so. Inspired by Spring's noble battle against the remains of its horrendous wintry foe, I will fight against lethargy and laziness to be more attentive to this memory bank and to let my mind to freely roam upon its pages!

Dramatic enough for you?

Aaaaaand here's the photo dump. :)

I just got back from my annual spring trip down south to see Jen.  Tara was able to come this year and it was one of the best trips ever!

Miles all cozied up to his mamma.

Warm winter hike through Inniswood.  

Lynn, our wonderful babysitter and friend, was sick for weeks with pneumonia.  So while she recovered, Rich and I juggled the kids between us.  Both of them got to come to work with me, which was actually kind of fun and which also made me realize how blessed I am to have the boss I have.  This was one of Lena's days.

Sam and I had a date night at the end of February when Rich took Lena to their first Father-Daughter dance.  Sam and I had an awesome evening with dinner at the Japanese steakhouse and a trip to the used bookstore.

My little girl looked so grown up for her special dance night with Daddy!  She picked out that dress with Lori and I, and it was perfect for her.  

Disney on Ice!

Rich and I went to see Mavis Staples and the Blind Boys of Alabama around Valentine's Day.  Fun night out.  

Sam helping Lena with her numbers.

Lena, the super crime fighter.

A visit to the Conservatory...we love that place.

Dinner with good friends and our fellas.

Much more than what is chronicled in the photo dump has occurred since January...

Dad was in the hospital from a nasty attack of diverticulitis.  He had a few complications, but is doing well now and is finally beginning to feel like himself again, thanks to good doctors, Dad's stubborn perseverance, Mom's patient loving care and lots of prayers!  

Mom and Dad both had birthdays.

Sam has been struggling with his mountain of schoolwork, focusing problems and a not so great first grade teacher.  But he is persevering, learning and growing despite of it all, so way to go Sammy!

Lori's family has been busy with baseball (Dylan got on the high school team!), other sports, schools and various viruses, as have both of our kids...ugh.  Another reason to LOATHE WINTER!  

We are all desperately cheering on Spring and craving warmer weather, open windows, bike rides and green grass.  

Come on Spring!

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