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Jan 6, 2015

Our Holidays

Whew!  That was a lot of wonderfully busy Christmastime days followed by some beautifully gluttonous lazy days.  Routines?  Schedules?  What are those?  

But after only one day back to normal...BAM!  Snow day.  It's fun because the kids finally get to play in a winter wonderland.  But honestly I was looking forward to getting back on schedule, dropping the kids off at school and enjoying 2 hours alone at the grocery store.  Oh well.  We're making the most of it!  

I figured this would be a good time to catch up with my blog.  A lot has happened in a month's time.  Let's see...

I turned 40 and had the most amazing birthday meal with Rich and our dear friends Mark and Ashley.  

Yep.  That's the big 40.  Let's take a moment to mourn my youth.........ok......that's sufficient.  I'm experiencing the normal "I'm 40 and freaking out a little" emotional introspection that often accompanies this coming-of-middle-age birthday.  But I think I'm settling into it.  I rationally know that nothing has changed except my frame of mind.  I basically look the same.  I'm in good health.  I have a wonderful life and am very aware and grateful for it.  My number is the only thing that is different.  But me being me, that number provoked me to recount these 40 years and ponder the next 40.  

Who am I?  Who do I want to be?  Where am I lacking?  Where am I succeeding?  Blah, blah, blah.  I feel completely the same but totally different at the same time.  What the hell is that about?  My mind really hands it to me sometimes.   

Then we went to Chardon for our Cole family Christmas, which was very fun and yummy and snow free...first time I can recollect not having a white Christmas in Chardon.  

The kids had their school parties.  Mom and Dad played Mr. and Mrs. Claus at Lena's school and were incredible and exhausted after visiting with so many kids in two days.  

Then we went on the Polar Express and Sam celebrated his actual birthday.  

Christmas Eve arrived too fast and we were blessed with a joyful beautiful houseful of family and friends and delicious food. Santa even visited and Sam lost a tooth!  

Then we spent Christmas Day at Lori's and soaked in some more blessings.  

Right after Christmas we had an awesome visit from Tim and Brittany to wrap up the season perfectly.  

We were supposed to spend New Year's Day with more beloved family members, but the kids finally succumbed to all of the holiday hugs and kisses and came down with a nasty virus.  We were still off work and school, so if it had to happen, it was pretty good timing.  Lori was able to go to Becky's party, though, and sent some great photos, my favorite of which is at the bottom of the photos: my grandma, who just turned 93, and her sister, who I believe is 87.  Love!

Truly, our blessings hit me at every turn this year.  Like when I was shopping for our Christmas Eve party, the grocery store was full of grumpy looking put-upon people rushing around with Scroogey faces.  But I couldn't help but stroll down the aisles with a big smile on my face thinking of how blessed we are to be hosting 35 people who we love and who love us and want to spend this special day with us.  Seriously.  It was an overwhelming sense of joy.  

So here is a photo dump of all of that wonderfulness.  Lol.  I hope your holidays were filled with so much love and joy and that your new year will be overflowing with the same!  

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