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May 9, 2014

One of Those Days

I had one of those very special days with the kids yesterday.  One of those days that, as a mother who so often struggles under the heavy weight of repetition that makes up such a large part of was one of those days that I needed to have.  One of those days from which I'll draw strength and energy and endurance and love when I'm feeling worn down and at the end of my rope with the kids.

One of those days that reminds me why, day after day after day, I continue to pick up the same toys, wash the same dishes, read the same books, fold the same laundry, sing the same songs, vacuum the same floors, play the same games, scrub the same toilets.

(...Hmmm...sounds like I'd be a much happier mother if cleaning weren't a constant part of motherhood.)

Yesterday was an awesome day full of new adventures and fun and sunshine and smiles and laughs and hugs.

I need to make a concerted effort to have more of those days.  Though I'm convinced that it's the moments we try to plan and make perfect and have grand expectations for that always end up covered in vomit or mucus or are overthrown by tantrums or weather or some other perfectly-planned-day-ruiner.

Spontaneity ruled the day yesterday and it was simple and purely joyful.  And I thanked God all day long for filling back up my mommy tank. 

While Lena was in school, Sam and I had our adventure.  We finished his homework at the park (I thought how he sounded out and spelled his answers was so sweet).

Played with a new friend at the playground.

Then headed to Creekside for a fossil finding expedition.

(Yep, his other front tooth is hanging on by a thread. Look how it's all twisted sideways. But he won't let us touch it.  He's so stubborn...wonder where he gets that?)


We found some cool shells by the water's edge and discovered this giant fossil-covered rock on a walk through the woods.  We spent a long time digging in some rocks, which paid off when Sam found his very own fossil! He was so excited and I was very proud of his patience and persistence. 

I'll miss my one-on-one time with my sweet boy when he starts first grade this fall.  He's growing up too fast. 
While Sam was at school in the afternoon, Lena and I set out on our own adventure.  We tried Boyer Nature Preserve right by our house, but it was pretty overgrown and deserted and we both quickly decided it was creepy...guess that's the difference between a nature preserve and a park.  Lesson learned.

So we headed just down the road to Inniswood, which was perfect for us two girls!  Beautiful flowers, gardens, shady spots with benches for resting Lena's tired little legs, wide paths for us to hike down...this is definitely our preferred way to experience nature. :)

She loved this little girl statue and played with it and some of her dollies, which she had packed in her Tinkerbell backpack, for quite awhile.  When she's not Moody McMoodertons, she can be so sweet...

We did a little fossil digging on the paths and found some cool, super smooth stones.   

She was getting tired here.  It was nearly 90 yesterday around the time we were there, though it didn't feel uncomfortable.  But it was also nearing her rest time and I think she'd had enough exploring for one afternoon. 

To keep her going until we could pick up Sam from school, I drove through the Dairy Queen and got her a strawberry Orange Julius (some of which she saved for Sammy).  That, and the ruby "gem" she pried off a plastic crown and stuck to her sweaty forehead, infused her with enough energy to make it home before she passed out. 

They both napped (and I may have laid down for a few minutes myself) when we got home, which is a sure sign of a day well spent...and a mommy tank all filled up!

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