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Mar 7, 2014

Third Time's a Charm...and Dining Room Update!


We painted the hutch. 


I know, I know.  Don't be so judgy.  :)

The distressed green looked good with our old boring tan and cream walls.  But my awesome husband has nearly finished his upgrades to our dining room and, with the updated gray walls and amazing white wainscoting, well, the green hutch just wasn't cutting it. 

But this time is the last, I swear.  Because now I LOVE this hutch!

And guess whose idea it was to paint it gray? 

That's right.  My sister. 

She's so smart.  Seriously.  She needs to have her own decorating show.  She's so much better than me at knowing what will work, judging color and patterns, at making a room make sense and look perfect and fresh.  I just kind of go with what I'm drawn to and, while sometimes that works, sometimes (like with the hutch the first two and a half times) it doesn't.

Oh well.  Lesson learned. 

Me being me, I still wanted to keep color in there somewhere.  What can I say.  I'm just a colorful gal.  After trying a few (...or maybe five...feel free to judge at this point...) other colors we had laying around the house, I ended up just flip flopping what was already on there - green to the inside and gray to the outside. 

What a difference that flip flop made! 

So, to recap the long journey (and several inches of layered paint) that my poor hutch has endured over the past month, a photo dump:


 Terrible mistake:

Not quite right:


Gray Love:

And can we talk about the awesomeness of my husband for a minute?  Just look at this room!

I mean, dear lord in heaven.  Rich did an amazing job with this with his good taste, sense of knowing what will work, mad carpentry skills, motivation to do it right instead of just quick and/or cheap, crazy work ethic...and he looked good doing it. :)

...I can't help lovin that man of mine...

Before (tan and cream walls, brown chair rail):
During (trimming out entry ways, figuring out paint):

 Building wainscoting:

After (light gray walls, white wainscoting and entryway trim work):

And gray hutch:

The room looks so much brighter and bigger and taller now, not to mention updated, fresh and finished.  Love!

Rich, thank you so much for your diabolical levels of awesomeness!

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