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Mar 5, 2014


Do I give up cursing (again) for Lent this year?

Or do I attempt the 40 bags in 40 days Lenten challenge (which Lori has done for a few years now), where you de-clutter one small place in your house every day of Lent?

Maybe both?

I don't want to set myself up for failure, which I'm afraid would happen if I tried to focus on two areas of discipline for Lent when, so often, I epically fail at only one.  But Lent is a most sacred time for me.  Easter replaces our pain and shame with hope and joy, reflected in nature as the warmth of spring wakes the plants and trees and animals from winter's sleep.

It's my favorite religious season. 

It's my favorite season season.

And it makes me want to honor God and fix my mind on him during this time in a sacrificial way. 

Refraining from cursing and de-cluttering my house a little everyday would definitely be sacrificial for me. Which seems silly to say in light of the life of sacrifice Jesus lived and his ultimate sacrifice for us...but I am an immensely, intensely imperfect woman and my sacrifices, while difficult for me, could never begin to compare with those of others - especially Jesus.  So I don't do that.

I'm realistic.  But hopeful. 

So I'll try to do both. 

Just pray for me - a potty-mouthed, working, tired wife and mother of two young ones whose cursing and clutter are somewhat ingrained in who I am. 

I'll need it!

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