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Apr 14, 2013

Life Lately

I kept Sam home from school on Thursday.  We all had a little touch of some kind of stomach bug.  Nothing awful, but definitely not pleasant.  And they were so tired!  They both took huge naps, which I had to wake them from two hours later...something was working on my little boogers.  But it seems to be all flushed out now...excuse the pun.  :)

Sam sat straight up in bed, still asleep, the second I said his name.  He sleeps just like me.

Notice Lena's bevy of toys she fell asleep with...even has a medicine dropper in her little hand.

Saturday was Rich's mom's birthday!  We weren't able to be with her on her special day, but we called and sang to her.  Happy birthday, Bobbie!!  We love you!!

Saturday was also the Wingers' maple syrup day at the farm in Mansfield. It was COLD and a bit windy, but we stayed in the barn most of the time swinging on a rope swing...just couldn't pull the kids away.  Well, Rich and I had some fun swinging too.  It's hard to resist a good rope swing!

And today after church Rich went home to build some plyo-boxes, and the kids and I went on some adventures (errands).  Piada for lunch (where Lena sustained a slight head injury when she fell off her stool...ouch), next door to get Sammy boy a haircut, down the street to the car wash, across the road to the bank for a deposit, down to Trader Joe's for some groceries and a last stop at Starbucks for my much needed coffee.  The kids were pretty good...they love sunny day 'adventures'! 

Good times... 

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