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Apr 9, 2013


We spent Easter weekend in Newcomerstown this year with Mom and Dad and Lori's family, Lily the dog included.  And of course our crazy annoying Henry was there too. 

Oh can such a cute and sweet puppy be so utterly annoying?  I think he was extra hopped up because of all of the people and chaos in the house, which he inadvertently added to.  He'll calm down eventually...well, one can dream.

As usual my parents house was inviting and comfortable and perfect.  It's just home, you know.  The sounds and smells and rooms filled with memories and family.  There's nowhere else I'd rather spend Easter. 

Saturday was sunny and warm, cooler and misty on Sunday.  We all had fun playing outside with the kids and dying Easter eggs and laughing and eating and churching and singing and Easter egg hunting in the rain.  Matt's parents even joined us on Sunday for dinner and laughs and cake, ice cream and a rousing rendition of happy birthday to Lori. 

Spending time with people you love is the perfect way to celebrate such a beautiful, hopeful day of faith.  It's impossible for me to fathom the sacrifice God made by sending his son to us...holy week has become especially difficult for me as a parent to even begin to wrap my head around.  But celebrating Easter Sunday comes easier for me.  The hope it brings, the fresh start that comes with salvation and the joy in the freedom of letting everything go.  It fills me up.

And now for your viewing pleasure, here are a few memories from our Easter weekend.








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