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Dec 29, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas

We had Christmas Eve at my house this year and it was so lovely.  Lots of laughing and food and catching up.  We even had a visit from Santa.  Sharing this season with family and friends is so important to me.  I have such heart-warming memories of childhood Christmases filled with tons of family and warm fires and laughter...there was always so much joy to be found.  I want so much for my kids to have similar memories to hold dear as they grow up. 







We had a houseful and it was a perfect day, punctuated when Dad said a lovely prayer before we ate lunch that reminded us of why we were all gathered and what we were celebrating.  
I had to leave a little early for church because my band was singing, but later Rich and the kids, my parents, sister and nephews, cousin and her family, and aunt and uncle all showed up at church for a wonderful Christmas Eve service.  It filled me up to share that with them. 
This year really was a special year...the kids are at such a great age to truly appreciate the joy of Santa and the wonder of the story of baby Jesus.  We are blessed beyond measure...  

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