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Dec 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Between Polar Express and Christmas in Chardon, we squeezed in Sam's 5th birthday party.  His birthday is on the 21st, so we had a small celebration with Grammy and Papa Cole on the actual day while we were in Chardon. 

His birthday party was on the 15th, when he invited some friends from school over to our house for a superhero bash.  Full of family and friends and bursting at the seams with Christmas and birthday decorations, our house provided the perfect party place! 

I have to start the photos with my favorite: Lori made Sam a secret agent kit, complete with disguises.  This was his favorite.  He even got the eyebrow right...such a ham.

Rich and I worked on the cakes the night before the party.
The main cake was Superman's "S" (for Super Sam) shaped expertly by Rich with M&M's. 
The other cake was just to make sure we had enough to feed everyone, so I just stuck a few superheros on it and called it a night.  
I made banners and POW and BAM and WOW signs and stickers to hang and stick everywhere.

Found the cutest vintage comic book fabric at JoAnn to use as a table cloth.  I've got to figure out how to use my sewing machine so I can make something out of this now. 
I cut out capes and emblems as a craft project/favor for each kid to make and take home.  They all turned out so cute.  This was Sam's.
Sam wanted popcorn and grapes for snacks.

Rich made superhero suckers for favors.

And the kids could choose from Batman or Spiderman masks.

They made quick work of wrecking the basement while we waited for all the guests to arrive...but that's why we finished the basement, right?
Mom and I helped the kids pick  a cape color and emblems, and then helped them use the fabric glue to place shapes where they wanted them.  They were adorable and I think the kids loved them!

Then we played some games, ate snacks, cake and ice cream...

and opened gifts. 

It was a good day celebrating my sweet boy. 

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