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Sep 25, 2012

These Kids of Mine...

This weekend Lori, Lena and I went on a winter wardrobe shopping spree for Lena at Once Upon a Child.  Love that place.  LOVE that place!  We stocked up and, honestly, over bought.  But that's okay because she needed a lot.  We found two tons of sweet dresses, which are her go-to fashion choices most days (mine too).  And two pairs of high top Chucks - one pink and one purple.  Those are my absolute favorite!

This dress is Lena's very favorite thing we bought.  She carried it around the store and calls it her "pwetty dwess".  I love that.  She's too darn sweet.

Meanwhile, Sam's imagination has been in creative overdrive.  Every morning he wakes up and describes what he dreamed.  Yesterday morning he told me, "Me, you, Lena, Daddy, Henry and Miles...the whole family...we were flying around on a big rainbow."  I love that he dreams fun, happy, crazy things.  Just like a kid should. 

This morning he's been playing with playdough for over an hour.  He showed me this and told me "My guys crashed landed on this planet and lost their ship!"  I said, "Oh no!  What will happen to them, Sammy?"  He answered, "It's okay Mommy, it's just pretend."  So funny. 


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