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Sep 10, 2012

Cops and Kids

We intended to go to Delaware's annual horse parade yesterday, but I'm sick and Sam's kind of sick, so we decided just to go on the first leg of our planned outing.  Westervillle's Cops and Kids day. 

It was a beautiful day, lots of sunshine, cooler weather and the event was at a nice park in Westerville.  There were SWAT vans to tour, police cars and motorcycles to sit in/on, K9 unit dogs and fire dogs to pet, police and SWAT men and women to talk to, talking coast guard boats, food, blow-up was super fun.  And totally free...even the food.  You've got to love that.

The kids got police hats and tattoos and trading cards and stickers and lots of other cool stuff from the dozens of cops and SWAT guys who were there.  In Sam's words, "This is the best day ever!"

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