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Mar 13, 2012

Winter Blues No More

I'm like a bear in the winter. I hibernate. I'm lazy, tired, grouchy...and lazy. Maybe it's light deprivation, but it seems to run deeper than that. Regardless, other than loving me a white Christmas, I loath winter.

So as soon as spring days start to overwhelm cold wintry ones, when buds start to decorate tree branches, when daffodils perk up their buttery yellow heads, when the birds' songs are carried through my open windows on a warm breeze, when wild onions start popping up everywhere, when the sun warms the side of my face as I walk outside with the dog; then I wake up.

I immediately need to clean, air out the house, cook a wonderful meal, listen to Don Henley in the car, and take walks. A little bounce returns to my step, my smile becomes easier, I see God absolutely everywhere I look. Not only does the sun wake up my personality and productivity, but it warms my soul and reminds me who I am.

I am my favorite self in the springtime.

So I'm finally awake today. And it feels amazing! It's 70 degrees. On March 13th. Say what? I don't know how or why, but I'll take it.

While Sam was a school today, Lena and I did laundry, started an amazing slow-cooked pasta bolognese sauce, dusted, vaccumed (Hazel, our iRobot Roomba, handled the upstairs for me), watered plants, brushed Henry, hung up some of the kids artwork, cleaned the kitchen. And when we got home the kids ate a big hot lunch, I cleaned up the kitchen (again), did some more laundry and we walked Henry before rest time.

The pasta is bubbling away and the windows are all open...the house smells awesome. And I feel incredible.

Thanks spring, for showing up early and kicking my winter blues right out the door.

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