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Nov 9, 2011


I am not a cat person. I think they're sneaky and fickle. And they walk on kitchen counters, which disgusts me. And most people overfeed them and they become ugly, fat sloths.

But I do love my Miles.

Because he's affectionate and social, the number of injuries he inflicts on all of us while "playing" are decreasing, he's still a cute little runt, and he never attempts to walk on our counters (at least when we're home to watch him).

And most importantly because my kids adore him. Every time we leave the house, Sam yells, "Bye bye, Miles. See you later. Be back soon." Every morning when Lena wakes up, she asks for "Miles, Miles". And they both add him to their prayer lists at sweet.

The anniversary of me saving him from the cold woods of Hocking Hills is coming up this weekend. Has it been a year already?

Anyway, for a non-cat person, I am so glad that we made an exception for this little guy, because he sure has brightened up our lives and become a member of the family!

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