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Nov 4, 2011

Circleville Pumpkin Festival

A couple weekends ago we ventured down to Circleville for their annual pumpkin festival.

My boss told me to keep my expectations low. "If you're expecting some charming Norman Rockwell affair, you'll be disappointed", he warned. He said it used to be like that years ago, but now it's just a mess.

I tried to heed his advice, but I was still expecting something at least resembling a small town fair.


It began with some truly insane traffic. My adventurous husband found a back road that saved us another hour of waiting on Route 23. Then we parked in some guy's backyard for $5 and walked a couple blocks downtown.

It was a mess.

Thousands of people crammed into this tiny downtown area, so many food vendors set up on every square inch of space, it made the Ohio State Fair food alley seem quaint. And hardly any of the food was pumpkin related. I mean, they had everything from fair fries to Chinese food to pizza. At a pumpkin festival.

We did manage to find a pumpkin funnel cake, which was good, but seriously, we couldn't even get close enough to the 1000 pound pumpkins to let the kids see them. Which was the whole reason I wanted to go.

It was a bust. We'll never go again and I warn anyone considering it to rethink that decision.

But we did have some laughs and had a family adventure and learned a tough but valuable lesson - my boss is usually right.

Here's a couple of shots of the kids we managed to get when the throngs of people cleared away for ten seconds.

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