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Sep 27, 2011

Catch Up

Our $9 water fun play area. We got it on clearance just as summer came to a close...

We saw an MG parked alongside the McDonald's drive-thru, which reminded me of Dad, who had an MG Midget when he was young. Nice looking car.
Sam on our way to his first day of school.
Sam's class listening to one of his teachers, Miss Lynn.

Rich took us downtown to see his new office building a couple weekends ago. The kids played in a couple of Nationwide's parks and had a good time.

Sam is in deep and profound love with Transformers now, especially Bumblebee. We've told him no toys until his birthday, but honestly it was so sad to watch him trying to transform dolls and boxes and campers that Rich broke down and bought him a cheap Bumblebee over the weekend. He brought it home, showed it to Sam and we've never seen such a happy face on that kid. Ever.

To keep things even, and because Lena is in deep and profound love with cats and anything cute and furry, Rich got her a cat that meows and purs and closes and opens his eyes, complete with a comb. She was pretty happy about it, too.

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