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Jan 14, 2011

Potty Training - Day Two: Give Me Strength

Yesterday was our first real day of potty training.

After many half hearted attempts by us and by Sam, we've decided to get down to brass tax here and get this thing knocked out.

He just turned three. It's time.

I would consider yesterday a success: 6 pees on the potty and 3 accidents. Sam took it all in stride, too. I'm so proud of him.

We prayed the night before for patience and perseverance for Sam and me, and God was listening. Even Lena was patient as we set the timer every 30 minutes and sat in the bathroom with our expectant listening ears on as we awaited Sam's next successful pee. It was an exciting day.

Today, not so much.

It's just been one of those mornings with which all moms are all too familiar. Everyone, including me, woke up on the wrong side of our respective beds/cribs. There's already been lots of crying (not by me, but I'm not counting myself out yet) and impatience is running rampant.

Lori told me yesterday that when you pray for patience, God doesn't give you patience - he gives you opportunities to exercise did she get all the brains and the beauty?

So that's what today is, right God? Yesterday was an easy day - no patience necessary. Today is the real test. Today Sam's refusing to pee, Lena's tantruming about everything, and I'm feeling the urge to yell and threaten instead of parent.

Well, bring it on. With your help, Lord, I will squelch my urge to freak out, I will distract and nap Lena appropriately, I will persevere with potty training without traumatizing Samuel forever, I will bake a giant ham for dinner, and even bust out some songs and dancing...together we will turn this day around and be victorious!


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