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Jan 12, 2011


This is Baby, Sam's very favorite, won't sleep or do much else without him, toy.

Baby is Sam's constant companion and best bud.

And how does a newly 3 year old boy care for his best bud, his constant companion? Well, he does everything to care for Baby that we do to care for Samuel.

After we trim Sam's nails, Sam takes the clippers and trims Baby's nails. After we clean Sam's ears, Sam takes a Q-tip and cleans Baby's ears.

And the pièce de résistance, after we give Sam a bath and wash his hair, the next morning when Sam wakes (an hour before the rest of the house) and plays in his room, he gets the thick eczema lotion we put on him at night from his drawer and "washes" Baby's hair with it.

It must have been easier than he thought, though, because he also had time to "wash" the carpet, chair and a blanket.

When I saw the mess and asked Sam what had gone down, Sam proudly answered, "Me wash Baby's hair". I just laughed and thought it was about the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

Sam laughed too, until it was time for him to help me clean up the mess...

That boy of mine, I swear...he makes my heart leap every single day!

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