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Oct 5, 2010

Sam Pooped!

Yes, yes, yes.


It's happened.

Sam has made that all important first poop on the potty! Just like a big boy. He cried really hard the whole time he sat there, but he told me he had to go and was dancing all around. So I put him on.

He was scared to death, the poor thing. I hugged him tight while he sat on the potty and finally, through the sobs and tears, we heard a plunk. Then he suddenly stopped crying and smiled. "I poop, I poop!", he yelled. And I started crying (of course) and yelled right along with him, "You pooped, you pooped!". Lena came running in and started clapping. It was a funny, special moment

After we cleaned up, we put a sticker on the empty potty chart and he stood proudly beside it. Finally. My big boy...

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