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May 15, 2010

Zing Zang Zoom!

The greatest show on earth was in town this week: the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. We saw everything from our great seats. It was terrific!

Lena might have liked it more than Sam, judging at least by her overt reaction(check back for video). She was smiling and flapping her arms and clapping her hands along with everybody (for the first time all by herself, I must mention). She never got impatient or upset or scared, even when they shot two women out of a cannon, which was LOUD! And even when the crazy clowns stood right beside her on the step before one of their acts.

Sam seemed to be in shock by all the action and lights and sound. Overly stimulated, me thinks. The photos you see posted are pretty close representations of his reaction to the whole thing. He watched wide-eyed and didn't miss a beat, I assure you. But he sat on Rich's or my lap the whole time and never clapped his hands or even smiled (until we were on our way home). He was very serious about the circus. It reminded me of when I saw NKOTB in concert when I was a kid (I didn't dance or sing along; just stood there with my binoculars sharply focused on Donnie Wahlberg's butt). Sam's such a quiet shy boy, in public at least, so it might have just been too much for him. He said he liked it, though...right before he passed out on the way home, a nap which lasted almost 3 hours. We'll see how traumatized he is tomorrow.

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