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May 3, 2010

Mommy's Little Angel

We always pray individually with the kids before bed, but tonight, after the kids were all cleaned up and ready for bed, we sat them together in Sam's rocking chair and prayed together. Sam folded his little hands, I kneeled in front of the chair with my hands folded and Rich stood behind us with his hands folded. Then we said the Lord's Prayer. Lena touched Sam's arm and stared at him while we prayed. It was so cute.

When we were finished, Sam wanted to add a few prayers of his own, so he made us all re-fold our hands while he jabbered a few incoherent words and then said, with his little folded hands tucked under his little chin, "Papa, baby (his doll), eeee (aka and)...Wena (aka Lena)". He has such a sweet heart, that boy of ours, making up his own prayer list. It made me so proud...

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