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Aug 18, 2016

Letting Go

Today I dropped off my third and first graders for their first day back to school. 

I asked if they wanted me to walk them to the front doors of the school, like nearly every other parent was doing, but they said no.  Which made me proud.  And a little sad.  But they have each other, feel safe together, and that's freaking awesome.  We try hard to foster and strengthen their relationship, and it's gratifying (and ok, a little heart wrenching) to see them leaning on each other instead of always on us.

So I watched as they excitedly skipped up to the front doors of the building together.  Then I drove down the road a bit, pulled over and cried.  Just a little, but it happened. Whatever. 
Letting go of them them a little bit at a time is so damn hard and rewarding...and hard.  

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