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Apr 25, 2014

School Days

Yesterday was parents' day at Lena's preschool, so I spent the morning with her in her classroom.  We crafted and played and sang songs and read books.  She was stopped to get hugs from several friends and chitter-chattered with all her baby is growing up so fast into such a smart friendly girl, beautiful inside and out. 

Then we picked up Sam from the sitter's and went to Bob Evans for lunch.  The kids love that place and, if I'm being honest, it's one of my favorites too.  We had a good time, the kids ate well and I received one of the greatest compliments a parent can get...our waiter told me what gorgeous and well behaved kids I had. And then shook my hand (after fist bumping the kids) and said, "Good job." :) We were all so pleased, we sang as we skipped to the car hand-in-hand. 

Sam had soccer practice later in the day and then it was straight off to his kindergarten spring concert!  We didn't have time to change his clothes in-between, so he sang his heart out in the front row with his cleats and shin guards still on (but he was still the cutest boy on stage).

Sam's teacher is awesome.  He's very engaged, hands on, relaxed, silly yet firm and, something to which Sam really responds, he plays guitar and makes up funny songs for the kids to help them learn.  Twice a year he compiles those songs and, with some other songs thrown in, puts on little kindergarteners-only concerts.  It is so sweet and fun.  Sam is very fortunate to have him in his life.

 Such special moments fill up these ordinary days...

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