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Dec 30, 2013

A House Full of Grace...And Sparkly Nail Polish

This Christmas has been incredible and humbling.  Truly.  I'm just feeling so overwhelmed by the blessing of my family and friends.

Our house has been bustling with activity for weeks, filled with friends and family sharing many meals, drinks, sweets, games, movies, laughs, stories...a house full of people is a happy house indeed.

I see God's light shining through these people, through our relationships. His goodness.  His grace.  They all, each and every one of them, make me feel that when my days are spent, instead of lingering on my failures and shortcomings (which are absurdly plentiful),  I will rest easy knowing I lived a worthy life because of their presence in it, because of their grace and love for me and because of mine for them.

This was my most precious gift this Christmas.  A house full of grace.

And there was some sparkly nail polish too.

My girls took me out for my birthday lunch.

Sam's kindergarten concert.  And his good buddy (and next door neighbor!).

Lena, the red-nosed reindeer.

Some family bowling for Sam's actual birthday (yes, everyone beat me, including Lena).

Crazy faces...always a good time.

Christmas Eve at our place.

Christmas morning at home.

Christmas Day at Lori's.

My girls even came for a visit!

 A house full of grace indeed!

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