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Sep 11, 2013

Lena's First Day

My sweet baby girl started preschool yesterday. 

The first day is a shortened parent day, where one parent stays with the child in the classroom to help them get comfortable.  Some parents play with the kids, stay right beside them the whole time.  But I stand back along the wall so that they can be assured I'm there while exercising their independence. Because Thursday she's on her own, and I don't want that to be a complete shock. 

It honestly could have gone either way with her, my sweet independent drama queen.  But she was excited and shy and attentive and friendly. 

She was a perfect little preschooler.

I had to peel her off my leg when we first got into the classroom and kind of push her toward another little girl playing with a doll house.  But after that she was good to go.  Nearly all of the other kids were relaxed and playful and reserved too, so I know that helped.  After about an hour of playing and doing activities and participating in class, she didn't even want to sit with me when we went to music.  But after a moment's thought she climbed into my lap, joining the struggle everyone faces: finding a healthy balance between our independence and self reliance and how much we need to lean on others. 

She's beginning her journey, so ready to learn and opine and think for herself.  So ready to fill her mind with the facts she needs to learn, to fill her imagination with the wonders the world has to offer, to fill her soul with the beauty of art and music. 

Education is such an amazing blessing. 



I'm so proud of her. 

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